The Art and Science of
Precision Engineering

Signicast is the world’s most advanced investment casting specialist, helping customers solve their component manufacturing challenges.

Time-Consuming Problems

Investment casting is a manually intensive process that takes much longer than other casting methods. In fact, it’s a 5,000-year-old metalworking process, yet even using the advanced machinery and materials available today, many foundries haven’t improved on the same core methods used for centuries, delivering on lead times that span months.

Our Solutions

At Signicast, we’ve revolutionized virtually every aspect of investment casting. As the largest commercial investment caster in the world, we’ve developed and refined the most advanced automation process available—Continuous Flow Manufacturing—which, along with our other proprietary automation systems, can slash lead times to as little as seven days.

Discover Signicast

Our proprietary investment casting process is engineered to deliver at unmatched speed, allowing you to get components faster and reducing the amount of inventory you need to hold. With our in-house processes and technology, Signicast can produce parts of virtually any level of complexity. And customers can make their best products a reality.

Manufacturing Plants

The Signicast Difference

Our Customers

Case Study

Improving protection in military vehicles for Oshkosh Corp.

The project: The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV)

Customer need: Heavy-duty MIL-SPEC precision at massive scale

The Signicast solution: Continuous Flow Manufacturing

Improving protection in military vehicles required casting multiple parts with tank-like strength, in enough supply for up to 3000 vehicles per year. Automated, efficient production lines and designing for manufacturability delivered high volumes in shorter time frames.

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Rewarding careers in precision engineering

Working at Signicast means becoming part of a world-class company—and a first-class family. With industry-leading benefits and compensation, and the potential to grow and succeed with us, Signicast doesn’t just invest in you—we help you succeed for years to come.

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