No Substitute For Expertise

We think there is no substitute for expertise in your industry to help you make manufacturing decisions that will give you a competitive advantage—no matter what unique dynamics you face.

Diverse industries

We organize our teams around their expertise in the industries we serve.

Form Technologies’ customers include companies from sectors such as automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare, medical, hardware, telecommunications, computer and peripherals, tooling, recreational, firearms, fluid technology, off-highway vehicles, power and hand tools, mining and oilfield, and defense.

Local or global

Global customers can count on local engineering support and global delivery to minimize risk and lower costs.

We leverage our global network of facilities to serve customers based in any of our regions.

Short run or ongoing project

Whether you need rapid prototyping, a large end-to-end project, or dozens of parts at once, we can deliver any scope you require.

In fact, for many of our customers, Form is the sole source supplier for the majority of key products.

Small or large

Our facilities are not restricted by the size of your business or the scope of the product you’re delivering.

We can help you achieve massive scale, or start small and accommodate incremental demand as you grow.

Startup or dominant leader

Innovative companies come to Form to prototype their ideas and develop proofs-of-concept to launch their business.

Established brands and blue-chip companies use our unrivaled capabilities to work locally and then seamlessly launch programs anywhere in the world.

Supplier relationship

We’ll build trust with you regardless of whether you work with us for a one-time engagement or a long-term partnership.

We’re proud to say our largest 10 accounts have been with us for more than 15 years on average.

What Does Competitive Advantage Look Like for You?

Whatever ways you measure success in your industry, with our world-class technology and processes, superior precision components, and outstanding part-to-part consistency, we can give you a distinct edge.

  • The highest-quality precision components to elevate your product design
  • Freedom to create parts that use the processes and materials that best serve your customers
  • Expertise to help you adapt to new technology, market, and business changes
  • Volumes, lead times, and locations you can employ to reduce your costs and delight your customers
At Form Technologies, we do more than deliver the part you need.

We put you on a direct route to gain
— and sustain —
the competitive advantage in your industry.