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We take our customers’ ideas and make them reality.

Want to build the future?

New ideas like smart homes, the internet of things, and autonomous automotive technology. Fresh advancements in transportation, medical devices, and consumer electronics. And updated approaches to agriculture, military, and energy applications.

Anywhere there’s an idea, we can give it form. But only when we have the right people to do it.

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We’re always looking for hard-working people to join our team and help our customers craft the innovations that pave the way for success. We hire talented professionals who can help us create better performing, longer-lasting, higher quality components—and can serve the customers who need them.

Whether you have years of experience or are just starting out, check out our open positions. Who knows? Our future could rest on your shoulders.

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Benefits of working for
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“Every day at Dynacast, you feel that everyone is collaborating to create new projects for the future. It’s not just the efforts of a single person— rather, it’s all about success through teamwork, to beat deadlines or targets, to finish a job faster than requested. And we are always keen to produce something new.”

Brigit. Employee 7 years at Dynacast