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OptiMIM delivers the highest-performing small precision parts in the industry—whether you need thousands of parts, or millions.

Flexible requirements

Metal injection molding (MIM) is a newer technology in small precision metal components, emerging only about 45 years ago. Appealing for broad material choice and low waste compared to traditional metalworking processes, MIM applications depend upon the flexibility of metal selection—as well as specific process guidance to avoid part distortion.

Our solutions

OptiMIM has refined metal injection molding to deliver new levels of performance not possible with other processes. With feedstock customized to any specification and precision check-points and calibration throughout the entire process, our customers can create small component parts with precisely the strength and corrosion-resistance required—and deliver any volume needed.

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OptiMIM uses its state-of-the-art metal injection molding technology and innovative processes to produce the highest-performing small precision parts in the industry. Every project begins with high-quality compounding feedstock without compromise and continues with proprietary, predictive modeling for the greatest part-specific precision every step of the way. Our customers are leaders in industries that demand precision and complexity even at the smallest sizes–and we deliver.

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Case Study

Die Casting to MIM Conversion

Project: Wristwatch

Customer need: Small, complex geometry

The OptiMIM solution: DFM to minimize breakage

New innovation in wristwatch design, originally meant for zinc die casting, went through design for manufacturing, resulting in MIM using 316L stainless steel for corrosive resistance, strength, and ductility.

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OptiMIM is the world leader in metal injection molding. Put simply, we help forward-thinking companies the world over create more innovative, higher performing products.

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