Our History

We know better than most about moving our customers into the future.
Because in each of the past nine decades,
everything we’ve done has paved the way there.


A revolution in precision metal components

Gries Reproducer Corporation invents high-speed, multi-slide miniature die casting machine.

1940s & 1950s

Ever smaller parts with
higher precision

From zippers and tools to Cracker Jack sized novelties with working parts, demand continues to grow
during and post-war.


Step onto the global stage

Gries Reproducer Corp is acquired by a UK textile company with operations in the US, making our first European footprint.


Satisfy growing
worldwide demand

Expansion to our Singapore facility helps us enter the Asia-Pacific market and provide precision metal production around the world.


Stronger and lighter properties

As manufacturers ask for stronger, lighter components, we add aluminum capabilities by expanding die cast operations in North America.


Thinner geometries at volume

Electronics OEMs push for complex and lightweight shapes. Our thin-wall aluminum die casting process

achieves < 1mm wall thickness.


We also add key acquisitions in North America and Europe, and another metal selection to our specialties—magnesium.


Support customers’
global launches

Today, everyone talks about
China. But we were there with our
first facility in Shanghai back in 2002 and our second in Dongguan in 2009 (A third in Suzhou followed in 2012).


Smaller parts,
Custom characteristics

Our acquisition of Kinetics, now OptiMIM, introduces pioneering innovations in metal injection molding. We continue to grow with the acquisition of Tek-Cast – while expanding our aluminum and zinc expertise in Europe with key die casting acquisitions Schlieper and Taurus.


Greater strength &
Speed to market

We add investment casting powerhouse Signicast to our family and gain proprietary innovations in Continuous Flow Manufacturing.


We are ideally positioned for the coming radical advancements in automotive, smart home automation and
any next-generation product.