Discover Form Technologies.

We’re 80 years of innovation—poured, molded,
and cast into 5 billion components annually.

We’re more than two thousand customers strong, cultivating deep relationships with blue-chip OEMs and small shops alike.

Some for decades. Each with different requirements.

And all sharing our vision for precision where it matters most.


Our Companies

The highlights of our past that shape our future

We know better than most about moving our customers into the future.
Because in each of the past nine decades,
everything we’ve done has paved the way there.

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A Portfolio of Precision.

It takes unparalleled expertise across the precision metal components spectrum to serve this breadth of customers around the globe.

Individually, our three distinct brands—Dynacast, Signicast, and OptiMIM—boast the most knowledgeable authorities in the specialty die casting, precision engineered investment casting, and metal injection molding industries.

Together, they offer the scale and capacity to deliver virtually any volume, anywhere on the planet.

Ready to change the future?

Rewarding careers in precision engineering

Anywhere there’s an idea, we can give it form. But only when we have the right people to do it.

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